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A Pringle - Driving Lessons - Eight Easy Stages.

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Edinburgh / London, Oliver & Boyd, 1955. 1st edition. Black cloth boards, 18,5cmx12,5cm, Good condition. Diagrams by Netta Pringle. Contents: I). How to use this book. II). The preliminaries of motoring. III). The mechanism of a car. IV). First lesson: Learning to use the controls - starting the engine. V). Second lesson: Starting and stopping - gear changing - starting on a hill. VI). Third lesson: Inching - reversing - back turns - turning in a street. VII). Fourth lesson: driving in traffic - signals - position in the street - starting in traffic - overtaking - crossroads - turning left and right - priorities. VIII). Fifth lesson: road signs - halt signs - zebra crossings - traffic lights - police signals - road forks and other difficult turns and crossings - practical exercises. IX). Sixth lesson: driving principles - the horn - skidding - the driving mirror - the rear window - country driving - night driving and headlights - parking. X). Seventh lesson: health and driving - carbon monoxide - insurance - an accident - the police - drink and driving - buying and maintaining a car. XI). Eight lesson: A sample driving test. 22 figures. 61 + (1) pag. Followed by a series of advertisements.
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