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Julie Vullnetari - Albania On The Move

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1 Introduction [-]1.1 Why link internal and international migration in development? [-]1.2 Albania: Some background notes [-]1.3 About the book [-]1.4 Methods and sites of data collection [-]1.5 Some ethical issues [-]1.6 Book outline [-]2 The migration-development nexus [-]2.1 Internal and international migration: Towards an integrated approach [-]2.2 Migration and development [-]2.3 Social fields: Linking internal and international migration [-]2.4 Conclusion [-]3 Albanian migration and development [-]3.1 Historical migration [-]3.2 Albania 1945-1990: An era of no migration? [-]3.3 'A new migration order': Contemporary migration in Albania [-]3.4 Trends and patterns of internal migration [-]3.5 Combined developmental effects of internal and international migration [-]3.6 Conclusion [-]4 Leaving home: Migration patterns and dynamics [-]4.1 General patterns and destinations [-]4.2 Differences between the two types of migration [-]4.3 Sequencing internal and international migration [-]4.4 Conclusion [-]5 Across the border: Migrants in Thessaloniki [-]5.1 Leaving Albania and arriving in Thessaloniki [-]5.2 Identity and survival, or strategies to 'fit in' [-]5.3 The nightmare of 'papers': The effect of ineffective immigration policy [-]5.4 Work and gendered labour markets [-]5.5 Housing and spatial location [-]5.6 Incorporation, assimilation and return: Between myth and reality [-]5.7 Conclusion [-]6 Family, migration and socio-economic change [-]6.1 The difference that money makes: Remittances [-]6.2 Social remittances or the wisdom of a traveller [-]6.3 'I am a man and a woman', or the gendered household [-]6.4 Migration as a rite of passage for young men [-]6.5 Transnational family and care [-]6.6 Conclusion [-]7 Migration and Albania's dynamic transformation [-]7.1 The village, the city and the rural town [-]7.2 Albania's socio-economic polarisation revisited [-]7.3 Conclusion [-]8 Conclusions and recommendations [-]8.1 Dynamics of internal and international migration in development processes[-]8.2 Migration and development: The role of policy [-]8.3 Achievements and limitations of the study and future research [-][-]

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Albania On The Move

Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9789089643551
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€ 54,99
Albania On The Move

Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9789089643551
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€ 54,99
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Amsterdam University Press. 2012, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 978 90 8964 355 1) Soft cover. Book, Imiscoe Research. Illustrated. 275 p. As New.
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