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Alain De Botton - Religion For Atheists

Het boek Religion For Atheists van de auteur Alain De Botton is 2 maal gevonden, 1 maal nieuw en 1 maal tweedehands. "Religion For Atheists" is nieuw te koop vanaf € 20,00 bij Bol.com. "Religion For Atheists" is tweedehands te koop vanaf € 11,90 bij Bol.com.

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Alain De Botton

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Religion For Atheists

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Religion For Atheists

Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9780307476821
Levertijd: 10

€ 20,00
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<br /><br />oving on the debate between believers and non-believers, de Botton argues that of course the supernatural claims of religion are entirely false, and yet religions still have important things to teach the secular world. Sure to receive widespread media coverage.<br /><br /><br /><br />From the author of The Architecture of Happiness, a deeply moving meditation on how we can still benefit, without believing, from the wisdom, the beauty, and the consolatory power that religion has to offer.<br /> <br />Alain de Botton was brought up in a committedly atheistic household, and though he was powerfully swayed by his parents' views, he underwent, in his mid-twenties, a crisis of faithlessness. His feelings of doubt about atheism had their origins in listening to Bach's cantatas, were further developed in the presence of certain Bellini Madonnas, and became overwhelming with an introduction to Zen architecture. However, it was not until his father's death -- buried under a Hebrew headstone in a Jewish cemetery because he had intriguingly omitted to make more secular arrangements -- that Alain began to face the full degree of his ambivalence regarding the views of religion that he had dutifully accepted. Why are we presented with the curious choice between either committing to peculiar concepts about immaterial deities or letting go entirely of a host of consoling, subtle and effective rituals and practices for which there is no equivalent in secular society? Why do we bristle at the mention of the word ''morality''? Flee from the idea that art should be uplifting, or have an ethical purpose? Why don't we build temples? What mechanisms do we have for expressing gratitude? The challenge that de Botton addresses in his book: how to separate ideas and practices from the religious institutions that have laid claim to them. In Religion for Atheists is an argument to free our soul-related needs from the particular influence of religions, even if it is, paradoxically, the study of religion that will allow us to rediscover and rearticulate those needs.
€ 11,90
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