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Amy Gentry
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Amy Gentry lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two cats. After graduating in 2011 with a PhD in English from the University of Chicago, she began a freelance writing career, writing book reviews, cultural criticism, and, for one strange and wonderful year, a fashion column. She frequently reviews fiction for the Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row Journal, and her writing has appeared in Salon.com, xoJane, The Rumpus, the Austin Chronicle, the Texas Observer, LA Review of Books, Gastronomica, and the Best Food Writing of 2014. GOOD AS GONE, her first thriller, is set in her hometown of Houston, Texas.
Bron: amygentryauthor.com
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De meest gevonden boeken zijn Last Woman Standing, Bad Habits By The Author Of The Bestselling Thriller Good As Gone, Wie Du Mir, Dochters Van Anderen en Good As Gone.

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